Why you must stop pushing so hard in life!

Ever notice that you get frustrated if things don’t go your way right away, only to find something you want comes to you with little effort? That is the ebb and flow of the world around us. Getting too attached to a specific outcome within a certain time frame can leave even the most successful people frustrated. Instead, pay attention to your surroundings and you will recognize that things and opportunities will come to you. Sure you have to tend the soil, plant the seeds and do all the heavy lifting that success demands, but if you push when the time is for waiting, the outcome is rarely your true desire.

1. If you know where you want to go, step away and ask yourself, are you demanding and insisting when you need to be watchful and patient?
2. Reflect on your goals and ask yourself why you really want this?
3. Pay attention to the opportunities. It is in noticing that we become are of the paths best suited to you.