Week 7 – Relationships

Relating to others after trauma can create meaningful support, help you feel safe, and claim a big recovery step.

M7: Core Training
This Module will cover:
1. The Final Frontier – Relationships
2. Traumatic Loneliness
3. Sharing is Caring
4. Redefining yourself in relationships
5. Four Keys to reconnecting with life

M7: Recovery Stories
Short stories about people who are recovering after trauma
1. Charlie learns about his family of origin using a Traumagram
2. Intellectual Connections gets Daniel engaged again
3. Joanna uses Physical Activities to reconnect in life

M7: Resource Templates
Templates and downloads for you to use
1. Traumagram Resource Template
2. Intellectual Connections Exercise
3. Four Connection Routes Challenge – Template

M7: Growth Exercises
Practical Audio Recordings and Demonstrations for you to follow
1. Traumagram Exercise Recording
2. Connection with Others – Four Challenge Routes Audio
3. Closing statement for Recovery – Recording

M7: Audio Video Links
Great videos to help you succeed in your recovery goals
1. Spirituality and Trauma – Peter Levine
2. Still Face Experiment
3. Group Support
4. Final Thoughts about gratitude
5. The Real You – Alan Watts

1. Breath Trainer APP
2. 30 Find Calm Videos – This is NOT a luxury Item Practice