Week 6 – Commitment to Your Life

Commitment & acceptance means finding ways to appreciate this moment exactly as it is. Growth means brining meaning into life.

M6: Core Training
This Module will cover:
1. Hurtful Habits
2. Wrapping Up and Moving Forward
3. Gifts along the road
4. Embracing Life
5. Pay attention to yourself

M6: Recovery Stories
Short stories about people who are recovering after trauma
1. Amanda learns about her anger and strategies to manage it
2. Anthony recognizes the impact of Before and After thinking patterns
3. Self-Compassion Reflection is Jakes breakthrough exercise

M6: Resource Templates
Templates and downloads for you to use
1. Managing your Anger Template
2. Before & After thinking Resource
3. Reflections on Self-Compassion Exercise

M6: Growth Exercises
Practical Audio Recordings and Demonstrations for you to follow
1. Managing your Anger Exercise Audio
2. Before & After thinking Recording
3: Reflections on Self-Compassion Audio

M6: Audio Video Links
Great videos to help you succeed in your recovery goals
1. The Hardest Word
2. PTSD Recovery Fears
3. Anger Management Techniques
4. Believe
5. PTSD Veteran