Week 4 – Work Out the Story

Big change happens when you face the trauma story with peace and acceptance. This step is a trauma growth game changer.

M4: Core Training
This Module will cover:
1. Remembering your Trauma
2. Trauma Symptom Clusters
3. Talking about your trauma
4. Creating a safe place for remembering

M4: Recovery Stories
Short stories about people who are recovering after trauma
1. How Barb finds Comfort in palms of her hands
2. Michelle uses her favorite exercise Telling her story
3. Robert begins to use the Event List
4. Sabrina begins to resolve strong feelings with Layering
5. Steve learns to handle difficult memories with Touchstone exercise

M4: Resource Templates
Templates and downloads for you to use
1. Event List Template
2. Layering Exercise
3. Comfort in palms of your hands Resource
4. Telling your story Template
5. Touchstone with Exposure Exercise

M4: Growth Exercises
Practical Audio Recordings and Demonstrations for you to follow
1. Event List Audio
2. Layering Exercise Recording
3. Telling your story Audio
4. Touchstone with Exposure Exercise
5. Comfort on Palms of your Hand Audio

M4: Audio Video Links
Great videos to help you succeed in your recovery goals
1. Be your own therapist
2. 4 ways to get over trauma
3. Why therapy works
4. The Neuroscience of Emotion