Week 2 – What Happens After Trauma

Self-Awareness and personal growth go hand-in-hand. Empower yourself through learning and have tools to heal after trauma.

M2: Core Training
This Module will cover:
1. Types of Trauma
2. Your Response to Trauma
3. The Trauma Response Checklist
4. How the Brain and Body work After Trauma
5. What happens to you after Trauma?
6. Trauma Symptoms

M2: Recovery Stories
Short stories about people who are recovering after trauma
1. How George uses a 3 step model to find calm, reconnection, and work through trauma
2. Marie uses deep breathing with exposure to start to stabilize
3. John struggles with anger and fear then develops focus and makes peace with his sleep

M2: Resource Templates
Templates and downloads for you to use
1. Trauma Response Checklist
2. Global Check Set – Scale & SCORING
3. Develop Focus
3. Making Peace with your Sleep

M2: Growth Exercises
Practical Audio Recordings and Demonstrations for you to follow
1. 3 Step Model for Trauma Recovery
2. Starting to Stabilize
3. Developing Focus
4. Make Peace with your Sleep

M2: Audio Video Links
Great videos to help you succeed in your recovery goals
1. PTSD can feel like taming wild horses
2. How PTSD affects brain function
3. William Shatner presents Dr Baranowsky speaking about Trauma