Week 1 - The Right Approach for Trauma Recovery

Laying the foundation for success in trauma recovery. Focus on growth strategies and daily recovery practices.

M1: Core Training

This Module will cover the power of:
1. The Right Attitude
2. Perseverance
3. The many-many little things

M1: Recovery Stories

Short stories about people who are recovering after trauma
1. Marcos experienced terrible life events & and started his trauma recovery steps using the Positive Practice Exercise
2. Trauma is the great human equalizer – watch Trauma Recovery of Famous People and Everyday Heroes

M1: Resource Templates

Templates and downloads for you to use
1. Focuses on 3 things about the foundation of growth & recovery
2. Address the Unconscious Mind
3. Images for the unconscious mind

M1: Growth Exercises

Practical Audio Recordings and Demonstrations for you to follow
1. What is PTSD Audio
2. The Positive Practice Audio
3. The Right Attitude Audio

M1: Audio Video Links

Great videos to help you succeed in your recovery goals