Want to help Veterans across the country?

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We are working on a project that would help veterans find qualified trauma informed care practitioners.  If you are trauma trained and interested in being placed on a list being developed exclusively for veterans needing help then please do the following:

1.  Respond to this email with your full name; email address; phone number and full mailing address. DIRECT YOUR RESPONSE TO

2.  Provide us with permission to reach out to you for a brief chat or email conversation

3.  Provide permission to place your contact information on the list

4.  Training background, qualifications, licensing board

5.  Special Certifications

This new project has the potential to help many veterans struggling to find meaningful help in their own communities.

Dr. Anna B Baranowsky, Traumatology Institute in collaboration with Dr. Stephen Fleming, York University

Supporting Veterans everywhere in the No Man’s Land Project

Have questions?  Email:

No Man’s Land Project

A national organization of Canadian Forces veterans with PTSD have approached us to compile a national network of reputable and experienced mental health professionals. The network is designed to help individuals and families deal with trauma impact on members of our armed forces and their families. Licensed clinicians must be able to see patients/ families or refer them in their geographical area on this organizations website. If you can see clients directly, or if you can act as a referral to others in your area, please contact Dr. Stephen Fleming directly by email at