Anger Management

What to do when anger bubbles up

Is anger bubbling to YOUR Surface? What can you do?
We all go through this sometimes. It happens usually when we are angry; when we feel hurt about something, let down, betrayed, fed-up, annoyed…etc.
A viewer, L.S., had a very good question about a previous video, “Your Anger is Stealing from Your Life”: “What healthy ways do you suggest for releasing anger every time it bubbles up to the surface?”

Here’s what to do when your anger bubbles to the surface.
1. First, ask yourself, “Is this really about me?”
2. Don’t assume that the best solution is to stomp it down. Your anger shows up for very important reasons. Pay attention to your anger as it will teach you something about yourself.
3. Show up for your feelings in a full bodied way. Recognize your feelings and fully embrace it. Understand that there is always a reason behind the feelings.
4. Learn to recognize that pain and hurt feelings can trigger a big dump of adrenaline/cortisol (our big stress hormones) and make us want to fight (or get angry) when, in fact, the right solution might be to face the feelings and ask ourselves to slow down and feel first, identify the true source of pain and learn to find solutions that make us feel we are drawing from the best part of who we want to be.