Self-Guided Approach to Trauma Treatment

We are really pleased to share our new

Self-Guided Interactive Trauma

Treatment – Online Program.

It is our hope that this program will become

an important part of your trauma recovery,

move you closer to your post-traumatic

growth today.

Trauma Care Online

The Trauma Treatment Online

Program very simply puts you

back in the driver’s seat and

in charge of your recovery

Everyone of us is “hard-wired” with a mechanism that helps us get away from danger when exposed to something threatening. However, at times the danger signals keep firing long after the trouble has passed. This causes a lot of difficulties and is the reason why people do not always recover easily after trauma. Thankfully, we are also wired with a mechanism that we can harness to reprogram us to feel calm and relaxed again. Using the right approaches everyday will lay the foundation of your own recovery.

We are especially excited with the feedback we are getting from this system as we have seen how consistency, determination and daily practice provides the foundation for those recovering from trauma. We recognize that sometimes a traumatic experience or complex trauma history can leave people feeling like they are harnessing wild horses.

Not an easy task.

The Trauma Treatment – Online Coach provides you with regular practices to stabilize and find calm that establish a sturdy base from which to work through traumatic memories and reconnect into a meaningful life.

So who is this program for? Generally, the people who benefit the most from the Trauma Treatment – Online Coach System are one of the following:

People working with a therapist but needing additional guidance, suggestions and assistance between sessions to keep them on track and moving forward.

People who are self-starters and want to try to address the issues on their own to begin with but want a tool that will encourage them every step of the way with up-to-date strategies and daily practices. These are people who may include therapy sessions along the way to reinforce their progress.

Therapists wanting support tools to assist their clients in their trauma recovery between sessions. Sometimes individuals can lose momentum between counseling sessions and the Trauma Treatment – Online Coach is designed to help you keep focused on recovery.

There are individuals for whom this system will be enough, and we are excited to be there to support you in this way. However, the Trauma Treatment – Online Coach, it is not a replacement for specialized trauma therapy and we encourage you to seek the care level that will support you best in your recovery.

What you get? When you sign-up for the Trauma Treatment Online Program you will receive:

7 weekly Trauma Recovery Modules – 1 module will be release each week

Week 1: The right approach for trauma recovery.

Laying the foundation for success in your trauma recovery- how to refocus on

growth strategies and daily recovery practices.

Week 2: What is happening to you after Trauma?

Learning this empowers you to understand and gain the tools you need to heal after trauma.

Week 3: Harnessing Calm after the storm.

We are all hard-wired with a mechanism that allows us to find comfort and calm after trauma.

Developing this skill is essential key … you can do this …

Week 4: Working out the story.

Allowing ourselves to sit with the trauma story often begins the deepest part

of our trauma recovery. Once we can harness calm we can take this step.

Week 5: Grabbing Hold of Life.

After trauma we may have to look for a new normal and we do this by

finding meaning and hope in our life today.

Week 6: Commitment to your life today.

Commitment and acceptance of this life right now means finding ways to appreciate this

moment exactly as it is. Making this moment in life count because we are investing in today.

Week 7: The Final Frontier is relationships after trauma.

Close connections act as an incredible support and buffer after trauma. But if the trauma left

us feeling unsafe with others this can hold us back from the most meaningful recovery step.

Tools for Success that include:

  • Core Training for each week
  • Recovery stories from people who have successfully used these trauma growth exercises
  • Template resources for you to download and use at your convenience
  • Growth exercises to work through – you will find audio or video links here to guide you in your progress
  • Audio and Video links that we have found useful and hope will aid in your recovery

Our popular Breath Trainer App

30 Day Video Stabilization Program – everyday you will receive a video

with new content to help you in your trauma recovery

365 Day access to the system


7 day FULL REFUND policy – not satisfied – or feel the program is not the best fit for you? We will refund your money.

Just let us know.

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