Shake to Release Stress Exercise. Try it now!

Watch this video to learn how to use the Shake for Stress Release exercise with Dr. Anna Baranowsky and Frank Pasquill.

Understanding that the large Psoas muscle is implicated in any stress reaction is a useful realization. Whenever we feel stress we ignite the fight, flight or freeze mechanism in our body and this generally tends to create tension in the Psoas muscle. If we shake, using a series of exercises that release tension in this part of the body, we can relieve feelings of tension and engage a relaxation response to help resolve chronic tension.

Frank Pasquill is the developer of Emotional Tuning and he joins Dr Anna Baranowsky in her Psoas Shake for Stress Release exercise. This Shake to Release Stress exercise is a simple approach for dealing with a stressful moment where you need to “reset” to a more relaxed feeling in your body and mind. Try it a few times to get the best results. You can try it with a “laugher shake” or just use the simplified “shaking” steps. Dr Baranowsky recommends using all four shake exercises 3 times in a row. Then check how you feel.


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