Welcome to Trauma Recovery Online Program

Self-Guided Approach to Trauma Treatment

Welcome to Trauma Recovery Online Program - Self-Guided Approach to Trauma Treatment.

This program is not meant to replace professional care.

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WhatisPTSD.com has developed a new system for individuals recovering from trauma. We are very pleased to share with you our self-guided interactive Trauma Recovery Online Program. We are especially excited with the feedback we are getting from this system as we have seen how consistency, determination and daily practice provides the foundation for those recovering from trauma. We recognize that sometimes a traumatic experience or complex trauma history can leave people feeling like they are harnessing wild horses.

Not an easy task.

The Trauma Recovery Online Program provides you with regular practices to stabilize and find calm that establish a sturdy base from which to work through traumatic memories and reconnect into a meaningful life.

So who is this program for? Generally, the people who benefit the most from the Trauma Recovery Online Program System are one of the following:

  1. People working with a therapist but needing additional guidance, suggestions and assistance between sessions to keep them on track and moving forward.
  2. People who are self-starters and want to try to address the issues on their own to begin with but want a tool that will encourage them every step of the way with up-to-date strategies and daily practices. These are people who may include therapy sessions along the way to reinforce their progress.
  3. Therapists wanting support tools to assist their clients in their trauma recovery between sessions. Sometimes individuals can lose momentum between counseling sessions and the Trauma Recovery Program is designed to help you keep focused on recovery.
  4. There are individuals for whom this system will be enough, and we are excited to be there to support you in this way. However, the Trauma Recovery Program, it is not a replacement for specialized trauma therapy and we encourage you to seek the care level that will support you best in your recovery.

Want more information?

Contact us.  We are happy to hear from you.

Dr. Anna B. Baranowsky & the TI Team

Step 1: How to Use the Program

Step 2: Welcome to the Program

This program is not meant to replace professional care.

Get the Most out of IT!

7 Modules will be available 1 X / week

There is a lot of material for you to work with

Just do your best

You get the material for a full 365 days