My Response to CBC article “PTSD in corrections: Former HMP officer says employer must do more”

I just read an article on CBC about how the Department of Justice and Public Safety in Canada will be devising a wellness strategy for 2016. I’d like to add my thoughts to the conversation.

Of course, it is good news that those working in correctional institutions across Canada will receive needed services to help them manage the impact of post traumatic stress. However, there are a number of issues to consider if this initiative is to be implemented in a meaningful manner.

First, there should be no wait times or burden of proof for need of services placed on those in need.

Second, only trauma informed care providers with knowledge of correctional service should be used.

Third, those in justice settings should be trained in understanding the impact of trauma and working in a field where they are constantly faced with significant events.

There are programs that can help build a knowledge base to help manage their symptoms before they become extreme as well as to understand the landscape of working with trauma survivors.

Let us not forget that the large majority of inmates will have experienced trauma in their lives themselves.

Dr. Anna B Baranowsky, Ph.D., C.Psych., CEO

Traumatology Institute &

Survive & Thrive after Trauma