What Is PTSD? 3 Steps to Healing

Exercise Forms

We have made available the following Exercises for your convenience.  You will find that they are in order they appear in our book, What Is PTSD? 3 Steps to Healing:


Trauma Response Checklist

Step 1:  Finding Comfort

1. 3 – 6 Breathing Exercise_PDF

2.  Paced Breathing Exercise

3.  Self-Relaxation Exercise

4.  5-4-3-2-1 Sensory Grounding Exercise

5.  Reflections on Self-Compassion Exercise

Step 2:  Telling Your Story

6.  Event List Exercise

7.  Traumagram Exercise

8.  Triggers List Exercise

9.  Layering Exercise

10. Comfort In the Palms Of Your Hands Exercise

11. Touchstone with Exposure Exercise

12. Telling Your Story Exercise

13. Developing Focus Exercise

14. Before & After Thinking Exercise

15. Managing Your Anger Exercise

16. My Life Story – A Narrative Exercise

Step 3:  Beginning to Live Again!

17. Physical Connections Exercise

18. Intellectual Connections Exercise

19. Creative Pursuits Exercise

20. Spiritual & Personal Growth Exercise

E-Therapy Counseling

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