E-THERAPY You Told us and We Listened

You told us you were interested in E-Therapy

We listened when you told us that you haven’t tried E-THERAPY yet … but that it interests you!  Well, it interests us too!

We are really excited to share the results of our recent survey and our findings about E-THERAPY

  • 44.3% out of 454 respondents were interested in trying a secure HIPPA Compliant E-Therapy solution – even though only 17% had experience conducting E-Therapy at the time
  • 45.2% were interested in a Secure Video/Audio Web based service to ensure remote services have safety features to ensure confidentiality of the therapy session and content
  • 37.7% were willing to pay a small fee to ensure that their E-Therapy sessions were secure
  • 44.3% wanted to set their own fees and 35.2% wanted to collect their own fees for services

Well, we really have you covered!

We are working toward the completion of an E-Therapy portal for establishing your own Secure E-Therapy site.  The site will have some wonderful premium advantages.

  1. Crisp, clear and fast Audio / Visual Connection
  2. Secure document storage
  3. Access to all the Traumatology Institute tools and instruments for use on the site at no extra charge
  4. Large web conferencing capabilities … included in a low price
  5. Whiteboard
  6. Desktop sharing
  7. Video sharing
  8. and much more …

The site will have many user videos that will teach you how to do E-Therapy on the site and what works with online trauma care.

Want more info about E-Therapy?  It’s coming soon!

E-mail us at for information about E-Therapy and keep informed.