Dr. Christina Hibbert’s Pep Talk for Healing Trauma through Exercise

Dr. Baranowsky interviews psychologist and PTSD specialist, Dr. Christina Hibbert, about her new book, “8 Keys to Mental Health through Exercise”.

A few key takeaways…
1. Exercise does not have to always involve intense physical activity. Just trying to be more active is a great start.
2. Tackling the thoughts, beliefs and feelings behind exercising is important. Watch for how you talk yourself through the exercise and how much pressure you are putting on yourself. If you shift your mentality from “I have to exercise for 45 minutes daily” to “I’m just moving my body for mental health”, exercising will become a little easier.
3. Be gentle with yourself.
4. Pick an activity that you’re actually interested in. There is no need to copy other people.
5. Most people stick with exercising for the long term for the mental health benefits, not for the physical appearance.
6. Start small and build up. 10 minutes a day of physical activity for 2-3 days a week is a great start.

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