Can you self-diagnose PTSD?

Should I self-diagnose after trauma?
There are two aspects to consider in self-diagnosis.
1. Self-diagnosing may not be a bad thing. People who are self-diagnosing are spending the time to better understand what is happening to them and to try to figure things out. Nowadays, consumers of Mental Health services are becoming so well educated through the Internet that some of them are able to pinpoint exactly what their diagnosis is. But if they are incorrect, the therapist need only to look at other ways for a more accurate diagnosis and correct interventions.

2. Co-morbidity is another important factor to consider because the patient will be able to better identify symptoms through self-diagnosis and help the therapist figure out what may have been missed in terms of co-morbidity. The goal is to figure out the correct diagnosis and interventions for a swift recovery and therefore, any additional information about the trauma survivor’s symptoms should be welcomed.

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