Use your Breath to manage stress, anxiety & PTSD

Our Breath Training APP ( Breathe 911) is now available Android; smartphones and tablet devices

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Use your breath to manage stress – 

Breathe & Relax Android APP is now available

This breath trainer app was designed to help you recapture feelings of comfort and calm anytime and anyplace. Simple breathing exercises can leave you feeling relaxed and better able to handle the demands of daily life. Practising deep breathing daily along with the positive messages you will see during training provides you with an excellent tool for harnessing calm right now.
The Importance of Daily Practice for Trauma Recovery
Current research on Neuroplasticity confirms that we have the power to change the way our mind and body manages stress. However, the best route to success is “massed practice” or very regular practice over a short time period. We hope that this breath trainer will help you engage in daily practice to harness calm and find your own way to increased relaxation and comfort in your body and mind.
Trauma Recovery Program – a Self-Guided Approach Ready to start today?I personally hope that this program will make a difference for you in managing feelings of stress, anxiety and panic.