Book: What Is PTSD? 3 Steps to Healing Trauma



Our newest book, What Is PTSD? 3 Steps to Healing Trauma, is the perfect companion for your recovery, introducing you to techniques and strategies that have helped thousands of our clients embark on their own healing journey.

We invite you to discover:

  • Three essential steps to healing trauma
  • How your mind and body work in determining your unique response to trauma
  • How to stay present in healing trauma
  • Healing with new energy, no matter how long ago your traumatic experience
  • Highly effective coping techniques to help you cope with even your most distressing symptoms
  • Recovery stories of trauma survivors providing you with inspiration and hope
  • Significant ways to reconnect with others while moving forward in four key areas for healing
  • Over 20 exercises to help you heal from the effects of PTSD

You are not alone; it is our honor to be your companions on this gentle journey to a new place in your life.

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This important book both addresses what we know today at a theoretical level and, equally importantly, explains clinical methods in the context of treatment. The authors offer a comprehensive guide for clinicians working with the traumatized. The guidance is detailed. This book presents clear instructions to Traumatologist, even the most experienced [and] is also an excellent resource for trainers, teachers, and educators of trauma practitioners.

- From the Foreword by Charles R. Figley, PhD, Florida State University Traumatology Institute, Tallahassee, FL

A self-help manual that both educates one on what exactly Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is, and how to go about treating oneself. ... We are accustomed to hearing negative stories regarding PTSD; after all, it is an unfortunate disorder to suffer from. Although the negativity attached to the disorder is often inevitable, this book is quite uplifting. A sense of negativity is most likely the last feeling one would have while reading this book. The authors use soft, nurturing language throughout the book to make their readers feel calm, almost at ease.

Reviewed by: Rachel Vitale, New York University

What is PTSD? 3 Steps To Healing Trauma is a superb resource for anyone who has experienced any major life disturbing event, which means it's a great resource for all of us. I love that it's written in very user-friendly language, that doesn't re-traumatize a person with fifty dollar words! It's an awesome guide to help people who are not living their fullest lives because they are haunted by a traumatic event or experience. The suggestions can foster greater control over a person's re-activity instead of being controlled by it. Even more importantly it helps them become present again in their current world, and live it with greater confidence and a sense of well-being. As a therapist, working with people every day that have lived through a wide variety of traumatic experiences; I would highly recommend this book. The exercises are simple and effective . . . . and they can make a huge difference for the soul that might not or doesn't yet want to enter professional counseling services. It can essentially help someone put their life back together again.

Kelly Patton, LMHC
Live Your Life On Purpose!
Tampa/St. Pete FL