Antisocial Personality Disorder? Sociopath? Psychopath? What do they all mean?

In this video, I will introduce the Antisocial Personality Disorder. Neither Sociopaths or Psychopaths are part of the DSM-5, the diagnostic manual through the American Psychiatric Association. However, since these are widely used terms, it is helpful to understand the differences and the typical use of each term. One thing that is clear is that both Sociopaths and Psychopaths would easily meet the criteria for a diagnosis of APD.

Here is the link to a good outline of what APD is:…)

Here are two excellent infographic links, which are worth looking more closely at:

If you know someone with APD, Sociopath or Psychopath behaviors, please be careful. This is not something easily treated or someone whom you can love until they act better.

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