Affiliate Program

Compassion Care Partners

Please contact us directly if you are ready to join our corporate or organizational partners. Bulk pricing is available for organizations wishing to offer the Trauma Recovery Program for those you provide services for.


Affiliate Program

Whether you are a professional helping trauma survivors or a trauma survivor who has benefited from this program you can use this affiliate system to share with your network.  It is easy to use this system through social media, blog, e-mail, or webpages on your own site.  Just use the links below and they will track anyone in your network making a purchase on this site.

Thank you for raising awareness about the impact of trauma by sharing information about our products and services. When you share with others who purchase the Trauma Recovery Program you will receive 35% of the purchase price as we are grateful for your efforts.

Want to Set up your own Affiliate Program to sell the Trauma Recovery Program to others?  Watch this short video

The Trauma Recovery Program was developed to help trauma survivors recover after trauma.  However, we have learned from our professional community that this program is a great system for those who want to use it to assist clients or those they help between sessions.  We have also heard from those using the program that the daily practices and the content helps them keep on track in their recovery.  We are encouraged and hope that you can help us help others wherever they are.

Have any questions?  Feel free to contact us directly.  We are happy to assist.

Dr. Anna B Baranowsky & the TI Team

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