I am so pleased to introduce you to Trauma Recovery Program (TRP)TRP is a self-guided program to help you in your trauma recovery journey.

NOTE. This program is not intended to replace direct trauma therapy or medical care.

Trauma Recovery Program is for you if you...

Have feelings of stress

Startle easily

Struggle with negative thoughts & beliefs

Have overwhelming emotions

Feel out of control in your life

Experience reminders of traumatic experiences

Can’t sleep

Avoid places or people that remind you of bad times

Are trying to heal yourself

Or working with a therapist or other professional. Either way, if you’ve experienced trauma, this program is for you! TRP is designed to help you keep moving forward in your recovery everyday. But remember, it’s not a replacement for professional care.

Are helping trauma survivors

And recognize the person you’re helping would benefit from extra guidance and support. Maybe you’re a mental health professional, lawyer, insurance representative, community worker, emergency responder, teacher, or medical doctor. It could be that you’re supporting a family member or friend after trauma. TRP is designed to help you help trauma survivors.

Want a Free Sample?

FIND CALM: 10 daily videos for Feeling Better after Trauma – absolutely free.

Features of the Trauma Recovery Program

Find Calm

Find Calm Videos

Daily videos for 30 days to help you get started in your recovery journey. Learn to breathe, engage in simple relaxation exercises, find calm!

Core Training

Core Training

Keep on track in your growth after trauma with training modules. Practice helpful, new strategies every week for the next 7 weeks.

Growth Exercise

Growth Exercises

Simple practices that help you with trauma recovery. Use them any time you want or need.

Resource Template

Resource Templates

Download and take with you so you have a portable toolkit wherever and whenever.

Recovery Stories

Recovery Stories

Other people grow and recover after trauma. Listening to their growth stories can help you find your own pathway.

Audio & Video

Audio & Video Links

We are always searching for extra materials to help you in your journey. These links will be updated to offer you approaches that work.

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Ready to Grow After Trauma – You can start NOW- $119 for a full year membership

7 Weekly Modules

Start harnessing calm using The Trauma Recovery Program available to you for the next 365 days.

Meet our Author

Anna B

Dr. Anna Baranowsky: Creator of the Trauma Recovery Program

Dr. Anna is a Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist dedicated to helping trauma survivors focus on post-traumatic growth and recovery.

She recognizes what it takes to grow after trauma and knows that you are already hard-wired to heal and recover after bad things happen.

Author of best-sellers “Trauma Practice” & “What is PTSD” Dr. Baranowsky focuses on practical approaches that help you everyday. Read More

In Praise of the Trauma Recovery Program

The materials ... are amazing and I feel blessed to add this to my recovery.

Your program helped in ... when dealing with [teenager] who lost his mother ... I thank you for the membership and your excellent coaching  and writings.

This work is so good: thank you so much! Can I share this with my family?

Begin your journey …

Ready to Grow After Trauma – You can start NOW - $119 for a full year membership