Recovery Stories

Sharing stories of recovery from trauma can be an enormous leap toward healing. We are in the process of gathering stories to post on this website.


William Shatner asks Dr. Baranowsky – What is PTSD?

Still Face Experiment

Secondary Trauma among Emergency Service Workers

Jean discusses her trauma healing story

Breath training to heal from trauma


What is PTSD? Interview with Stop Child Abuse Now


Coming Soon

 Other Stories

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We know that no one else can answer the question “What is PTSD?” better than someone who has experienced and recovered from trauma.

We believe that the Recovery Stories found in our book are an essential part of healing and that sharing and reading about trauma recovery can be an incredible gift.

We would like to invite you to share your personal recovery story of healing from trauma either in written or video form. Use the Share Your Story button on the left to submit your story for our review.

And remember, there is help if you need it; you are not alone. Best wishes on your healing journey!