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We frequently receive questions and comments from people struggling after trauma.  Now we would love to offer you the opportunity to ask questions directly and have us respond to you personally.  Have a question about trauma, been diagnosed with PTSD, confused about symptoms or what kind of therapy works?  Need general information or help with anything related to your life, emotions, relationships then …  Ask Dr Anna

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This Week’s Ask Dr. Anna Episode: What if your doctor sees you as a complete person? Try Integrative Medicine.

Can Ayahuasca heal trauma?                                         Don’t let your beliefs hold you back!
Buddhist Philosophy for PTSD                                      The Life You’re Meant to Have
FLOW is a powerful medicine                                        Self-diagnosing PTSD? Watch this!

Why You Need to Sleep More                              APD? Sociopath? Psychopath? Watch out!

Be “Teachable” to Boost Your Growth!               How to Defuse Someone Else’s Anger

6 Tips to Help You Get Un-Stuck                           What to do when anger bubbles up

Healing Trauma through Exercise                         Shake to Release Exercise – Try now!

Emotional Tuning with Frank Pasquill                   In a relationship with a Narcissist?

Brendon Burchard’s 8 Truths                                  Recover from Childhood Emotional Neglect

Can you spot an abusive relationship?                  Anthony Robbins’ Powerful Message

Yoga Intensive for Healing                                         Learn to Adapt if You Want to Thrive

Persevere to Heal                                                            Tim Schmoyer’s Story

Trauma Sensitive Yoga                                                  Tame and Decode Bad Dreams

How to Deal with Crisis                                                   Simple Grounding & Containment

How to Interview Victims like a Pro                               Top 8 Tips for Improving Life

How to deal with betrayal                                                  Increase Happiness with 3 Simple Tips

Why you must stop pushing so hard in life!                    Negative thoughts are sticky!

Combat your Fears | Trauma Recovery    Dr. Gabor Maté on Trauma, Growth & Addictions

Native Healing with Arrole Lawrence                         Ask for help to meet your goals!

Body Scan Meditation exercise                    Native Trauma Healing with Arrole Lawrence!

Yoga of Awareness to Beat Addictions!                     POV: A Paramedic’s Recovery Journey!

Learn to let go!                                                        Be Brave Ranch helps traumatized children


Does trauma impact follow you?                      Quick Comfort Tip | Transitional Objects



Canada is a Human Trafficking hotspot?!                    Dealing with a Narcissist?


The Inner Game of Trauma Recovery              Prediction Models for PTSD give hope


The Emotional Brain                                             365,000 Searches on “PTSD” every month. 

How to Overcome Emotional Neglect                  Trauma therapy dog, Luna’s story             


Emotional Neglect + Loneliness                   First Responder + Workplace Trauma


4 Tips to Survive and Thrive After Trauma                         Use Positive Psychology


Feel Too Much or Emotional Numbing?    How to Use Walking as a Mindful Meditation


Elemental Relaxation exercise                                          Conquer Your Driving Fears


Healing the Traumatized Self                                How to create a wellness mind map


Embrace Positivity                                                             Create a containment vessel


Giving Back                                                              Brain Sensing Device to harness calm
Positive Intentions                                                   Find Meaning in Life to move forward


Things to do after Trauma                                         Settle down in stressful situations


Stress hormones                                                                          Negative beliefs 

Life after Trauma                                                                          Improve sleep
Make a Commitment                                                                Time DOES NOT heal All


Enjoy simple things                                                             Help Veterans Outdoors 


Change Perspective                                                                Receive Graciously 


Retrain your brain to calm                                            Magnetic Resonance Therapy


Conserve your energy                                                    Stretch your Happiness


Use Creativity disrupt Fear                                                    Use inner wisdom

Go Slow to heal                                                                  Why people commit crimes

Unhook Old Habits                                                           Meditation is a powerful 
Unhook Old Habits                              

Embrace today to grow                                                  Yoga makes a difference 

 Big T Trauma & suicide                                                  Past trauma ruins relations

Guilty Feelings? Use humor                                           You know someone with PTSD

Emotion IS your teacher                                                After military deployment

Face a trauma Trigger                                                    Anger is Stealing your life

Take care of yourself!                                                            Work on your Recovery


Forgive in order to recover                                              Everyone ELSE seems fine


Keep your inner peace                                                     Train your breath 

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